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Swatt’s bakery provides quality fresh-baked goods all over the country. We operate out of Western New York, and we are a local treasure. Swatt’s Bakery is most famous for our unique L.A. Cinnamon Bread; a large loaf of cinnamon swirled bread, cut into thick slices for you to heat on a griddle and drizzle with our delicious matching L.A. cinnamon bread sauce. L.A. cinnamon bread is what we’re most recognized for, but of course we offer a wealth of other equally delicious baked goods

We offer a blueberry swirl loaf as well called Sweet Noelle’s Blueberry Bread. It’s just as delicious as the L.A. Cinnamon bread, but for those of us with a taste for the fruity. It even comes with it’s own special blueberry sauce to drizzle over a freshly toasted slice. 

Of course, we offer all kinds of fresh-baked goods beyond our signature L.A. Cinnamon Bread, Sweet Noelle’s Blueberry Bread, and Olivia Mae’s Salt-Rising Bread, most of which you can find in any grocery store in the Olean area.